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Shanghai, xian protective film (film) products co., LTD. (headquarters Marketing Department)

Telephone: 021-69220374 (rp), linear 021-69225918, 18821168698, 18939931898, 13636564818 (Li Xianhuan)

Fax: 021-69225928 address: Shanghai qingpu industrial park, the qing river road 1200 zip code: 201700

Shanghai, xian protective film (film) products co., LTD (hunan office)

Telephone: 0739-3668357 15869832282 (lung chi yong)

Fax: 021-69225928

Address: XinShao county, hunan province Ohtsubo jiangnan villas 6-201

Shanghai, xian protective film (film) products co., LTD. (Qingdao office)

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Fax: 021-69225928

Address: shandong Qingdao laoshan district liaoyang east road no. 20

Shanghai, xian protective film (film) products co., LTD. (ningbo office)

Telephone: 18821168698 13958359252 18821168698 (sheila)

Fax: 021-69225928

Address: zhejiang ningbo yuyao gallery chardonnay neighborhood offices

Shanghai, xian protective film (film) products co., LTD. (office of fujian

Address: fujian quanzhou okanagan valley area okanagan valley area ping road, clear water bay # 9-906

Telephone: 0595-22692246 15559126608 (Huang Li can)

Fax: 0595-22692246


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Product Name:Fujian Antistatic Film
Product Series:Import protection film
Market Price:1.20    
Updated:2019-11-30 9:24:40

Product introduction

Antistatic PE protective film is mainly used in electronic components,LCD,plasma displays,personal use portable information terminal,navigator,etc.Optical display device.Not only can effectively prevent its fast solution volume in the industrial production of electrostatic accumulation,but also will protect the board with the surface of the electrostatic elimination and prevent electrostatic breakdown,protection products


1.With permanent conductive,no black particles,flexibility is good,electrical conductivity is not affected by humidity,etc

2. Surface resistivity :107≦R≦109

3. High cleanliness appearances,automatic exhaust,good adsorption,stability adhesion and without residue after peel off 


1. Base material:PE(polyethylene)

2. Adhesive:polyacrylate pressure sensitive adhesive

3. The viscosity range:5g-30gf/25mm

4. Color:gray

5. Size:1)length:100m-2000m  2)width:200mm-1580mm  3)thickness:0.04mm-0.22mm

Reference information:

12th of more than 10 ohms resistance for the insulators

More than 10 power 6 of 11 power less than 10 ohms for esd 

More than 10 3 to the power of 5 power less than 10 ohms electrical conductor


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Contact phone: 021-69220374 021-69225918 (rp) 13636564818 18939931898Fax number: 021-69225928

Company address: Shanghai qingpu industrial park, the qing river road  E-mail: [email protected]


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