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I have an appointment with the customer
Updated:2015-06-05 11:12

n a friend's QQ space to see an article, reprinted down to share with you!



About their practice



1, the salesman and customer chat what topic don't need to talk too much about the technology and the theory of subject, need is today's news ah, weather, etc. Topic. Salesman in daily time, therefore, have to read more about the economy, sales of books, magazines, especially must read the newspaper every day, understand the national, social news, news events, it is often the most good topic, so when we visit customers wouldn't be seen as informed and knowledgeable.


2, about the salesman of four hours at night. A salesman's achievement depends largely on how he that four hours at night. The worst salesman is holding a TV in the evening, or complaints, go out to play, etc. This salesman losers. General entertainment salesman to find customers, drink chat. The salesman will be a single, but I personally think that difficult to have a high achievement. Better salesman night finishing material, analysis of the customer, planning, etc. This is a good business, there should be a future. The best salesman I think is in the job as a good salesman persist for about an hour after the book. I think such great promise of business, can have the opportunity to be a boss in the future.


3, about the salesman itself. Many people think that the salesman best tall, handsome and natural and unrestrained. The salesman must eloquence good, articulate, mouth can now spewed oil's eloquence good. Salesman must be smoking, at any time with the smoke, people are. Salesman will be sure to drink wine, liquor, beer cup. In fact, I feel these are not important. As far as I'm concerned, my height is less than 172 mm, just began to run the business in the mind very self-abased, talk is not smooth, not to mention the eloquence good. I never smoke, drink up a bottle of beer, I more is drunk. But hard work, I just ran the business, in huizhou, at first three months, I take some clothes to come to dongguan brother factory run is for a few days. An industrial zone, a run industrial zone. So, I walked for three months, the customer also ran down a few, but rotting away a pair of leather shoes, black like black carbon head. I open factory now, I often to the salesman, the first three months of is one day, after the boil. So the business office outside the factory.




About looking for customers


Do business in the company of the first three months of test is one of the most key of the success of the salesman for three months, three months can be said to be the salesman after business work. It is the first face the problem of how to find customers, on how to find the target customer. In general the new salesman into a new company, product knowledge in familiar to a week or so to find their own customers to visit. If there is no business manager or boss started to provide customer resources, can go to find customers through the following methods.


1, the yellow pages, general company has a lot of yellow pages, such as "shenzhen yellow pages". We can according to the classification of the above find our original target customers. Now also have a lot of professional class industry in shenzhen yellow pages, yellow pages, such as home appliance, toys, yellow pages, etc., the salesman best find the yellow pages to collect first-hand information. The yellow pages in general has a big library. Can use a notebook to go there and copy is ok.


2, browse ads, like in shenzhen, the shenzhen special zone daily, every day there are a large number of ads, and in the southern metropolis daily every Monday ads, we can through reading advertisement customer to get what we want. We can also go to the recruitment market near, the general job market will be posted at the door every day the name of the recruiters and hiring workers we can also through the analysis of the type of work to he hiring what does he do, so that you can find the customers we want to. Around and we can go to some of the biggest industrial area, is now almost all the factory job, can also be found through the ads at their gate. We can also read online recruitment website, such as ZhuoBo recruitment network, etc.


From the job advertisement for the benefits of customer is the first you can find many new customers, because there are a lot of new factory, he or just open, or just moved here, if we are the first to find him, that is to beat her. Also, generally have the ability to a lot of hiring factory business is good, for future business to do after a successful payment collection is relatively a little confidence.


3, the network search. We can go to search by keyword, such as in the production of baidu input the clients we are looking for the name of the product, we can find a lot of customers. We can also through the professional website to find customers, such as alibaba, such as automobil, etc. So that we can find the list of many customers. But also can find the boss's phone number and the name of the boss, etc.


4, we also want to often take to the streets to find customers, we go shopping, I usually go to home appliance stores, they are packed, or a brand and the name of the company, we can record down, go back to the Internet to find it. We can store the product sales to judge it to a client's business. This also reflects from the side one of his economic strength.


5, but personally, I think the best way to find customers is through a communication network to introduce each other to develop the customer. After doing business pay attention to the era of resources sharing. Such as wire do you do, I'm in the plug, he is doing the resistance. We do a sound customer at the same time. If we can all share resources, the good customers are introduced to each other, do it in a client is very easy and hassle free. And our customers because they looked at each other, nothing happens. You can watch out for, doesn't it is much lower risk.


6, and clients is the best way to introduce the customer, this is the highest success rate. Great salesman after have several original customers, will seriously good service these customers, make friends with them. Wait for familiar, opened his mouth to let them introduce you to colleagues or friends. This time don't let them give you list, the list can be found there, the most main is to ask him to help you make a phone call. If he recommend a call for you, is better you call 100. Main service to him after you introduce the customer, and so on also let the new customers, so you can easily find your client network.


So we have a lot of methods to find customers, we want to buy as long as we use your heart. Salesman on whenever you want to have three things in the body, in addition to the showers, these three things are: pen, small notebook, name card. The other people all said the salesman have eight eyes, also is very reasonable, notices, can find a lot of business opportunities.




About the phone



After we find the customer, the second question is to think about how to make a phone call about the customer. There also have some of the details. It is ok to pay attention to.


1, call a lot of people will encounter such a situation. Customer haven't finish listen to our introduction, he said don't don't, then pa's life hang up. And you wanted to visit him, he said no time, let you fax information to him, or put the data in the guard's room. We don't fax information, and in the security room to him, it's no use. Encountered such a situation I started very depressed, then I think so, miss may purchase a work today will give the boss scolded, not happy so refused to me, or you want to miss may purchase quarreled with her boyfriend today, so ignored me. It doesn't matter, I find you back next time. I many clients are called several times to get an appointment, sometimes is so strange, purchase yesterday also said not to miss, today again dozen can let you take samples to see her. So the success of the business is often see you don't keep on keeping on.


2, no matter how skilled you business skills, I think the content of the call is still need to think about going to speak better, don't pick up the phone conversation. Because we will be chatting chatting to forget some what was going to say, are often just hang up the phone and want to make more than once. Everyone is not good. For a friend who just do business had better write it down on the paper. This will speak more organized.


3, I think standing call is much better,. Because the person is standing up I feel more focused, more serious, and standing up gas dye-in-the-wood, speech sound is nice. You don't try it. Regardless of the amount of gas, you have just received the call best with a smile. This atmosphere is more relaxed, customers will feel. Doing business is suffer indignities of live, but our clients don't need to share with you.


4, we don't wait to want to get the customer to call them. In peacetime, we often call them, when you need to chat, greetings greeting. Until he heard the voice we know that is my. Best can let him thinking of you. Doing business is like to fall in love. We can't expect others after a while can marry you. Procurement is very forgetful, we have to constantly remind him.




Visit customers at the beginning of


1, ready for marketing, planning, must never neglect contempt, prepared to win. Ready to sample, catalogue books, pens and notebooks, etc. See the customer to consider before opening, the question to ask, the said, as well as the possible answer. The information relating to the products of the company at ordinary times, manuals, advertising, etc., all must work to research, memorizing, at the same time to collect competitor's advertising, promotional materials, manuals, etc., to research, analysis, in order to do "theirs", so you can't really know.


2, punctual for appointments - late means: "I don't respect your time. Being late is no excuse, if cannot avoid being late, you must call the past to apologize before the appointed time, I believe that go out ahead of time is the only way to avoid being late.


3, clothes can't make perfect, but first met people impression, 90% produced in clothing. Etiquette, manners, instrumentation, and talk is the origin of the person to get along with good or bad impression, the sales representative must be more effort in this respect. I don't like my salesman, dressed in a red green T shirt, etc to meet my customers. My requirement is at least a shirt. Must be leather and briefcase.


4, we can't and visit every customer a deal, he should try to visit more customers to improve the percentage of clinch a deal. When visit customers, it is a principle we should believe in "even fall down to a handful of sand". Mean, sales representatives can't empty-handed, which had not demand, even if you visit cannot clinch a deal. Also want to find a way to let him help you introduce a new client.


5, for the customer. Customers like to have it constantly in subject and his hobbies, he likes to chat with him more. Pay attention to his every move. You can throw the good. The result of the conversation is not important, the atmosphere of the process is very important. When we were chatting and procurement, often pay great attention to the conversation, always said no. In fact, we should pay attention to the process of our conversation and atmosphere. If which day we chat very happy, and harmonious, our feelings will be very close. After many days, we tend to forget when talking about what, just remember one day we will have a good chat. Actually purchasing the same. Price quotation we will have to give him, the quality we have admitted that book to his quality, delivery date we will stamp signature back to him. So we just outside and business, he is interested in chatting problem is best.




How to maintain the customer


1, the salesman should do fishing, not on net. Run the business when it is the most effective and comfortable to give fishing method. As we have just started chasing girls, don't we will make track for a couple of girls at the same time, then in his one into it? We will take a, exhaust and not give up the pursuit of her, until success. My own is that run the business. I will choose the one industry, such as headphones I want to do, I will choose three or so serious in the industry to attack him, until we do go in, since the other is good. So wait for you in the headset industry accounted for 80% of the share. We'll turn to other industries, to copy it. Like fishing, certain big one. A a fishing, very comfortable. Bold, cautious, thick-skinned. When we were young, chasing girls, bigger tell our experience is: bold, careful, thick-skinned. Actually doing business is like chasing girls.


2, it is estimated that 80% of the business is completed, is due to the friendship relations. Now competition is very intense, in the same quality, same price, the same services, you have to compete rivals only by friendship, if you treat your customers, more attention than its rivals and friends formed a relationship. Who then can also take your list? So where do you spend time with, what you will get. So friendship is a treasure.


3, must be enthusiastic, passion can infect the customer. May we have a lot of salesman just start will be very enthusiastic, but wait until you get some achievements will become smooth, lost the old warm, sometimes feel single less well done instead, you will lose a deal to excessive enthusiasm and, but will lose one hundred transactions for lack of enthusiasm. Passion is far more contagious than rhetoric.


4, be sure to have a probation period. A customer to do down, just like married men and women. Find customers like we find a right person of your dreams. Starting from the call to place an order as to send letters to engagement is so long. To really get married, but also their honeymoon can be serious. So we want DuDu honeymoon and customer, we don't do much. It was love at first sight and got married after the novelty hard to maintain. All of us should give some time to the customer and us. Look at each other's credit, service, etc.




About to clinch a deal


1, many employees start to do business, momentum is very big, often find customers, send the samples, the quote don't know what to do, is often lost. In fact, you should constantly ask him, you which under the single when ah, constantly ask him, know the results so far. Actually, procurement is we ask him? The child will cry there is milk to eat. Don't cry like children, how do we know that he was hungry? So we're going to ask customers to purchase. However, 80% of the salesman didn't to the customer request to clinch a deal.


2, if failed to clinch a deal, the sales representative immediately meeting next date with customer, if when you face to face with customer, can't meeting next time, later if you want to meet the customers are difficult.


3, my feeling is that do business must adhere to tracking, tracing and tracking, if you want to do a business needs to contact with the customer for 5 to 10 times, will be shown to you at all until the 10th listen to buy signal - if you concentrate on listening to, when the client has decided to buy, will usually give you a hint. Listening is more important than speaking.


Doing business is: to clinch a deal to carry out a series of activities for the purpose. Though a deal is not equal to everything, but without clinch a deal, there is no everything.




About the payment


1, do business don't face saving. Business to do down, to the collection, many people will think, I know purchasing so well, chased him day and night money feel embarrassed. So I rarely chase money or chase don't chase, didn't catch up with a few times. In fact we didn't have what it takes to commission are to be paid for. Though, god's truth, if you give him owe too much, you are also do not for a long time business. I usually make track for, not ask him to arrange, but said. Mr * *, week 3 you arrange payment for goods to me, I went to get some afternoon. He sometimes say no one day, that I said, it's Tuesday, he often said Wednesday.


2, for yourself, before making a customer should be careful to understand the client's everything. He before and who will do business, for example, who are your competitors, know that you can quote and make countermeasures. Understanding why customers want to do business with you. If is others refused to supply to him, then we can ask him to do the cash. He is sure to bilk. If is the cause of the opponent, such as the quality is bad, the price is high, the service is bad. You can make the corresponding countermeasures to deal with him. If you are in some way better than competitors and make he do with you, then you will know how to do it later.


3, prevention, customer is the best way to drag a paragraph and users to conclude a deal before the investigation. We carefully examine all customer information, including his employees salary level, pay on time, factory is their own or rent, the boss is there. Production of things is to sell or export in China. It is best to meet customers some of the old suppliers, so that we can understand the customer's credit situation to them.


Contact phone: 021-69220374 021-69225918 (rp) 13636564818 18939931898Fax number: 021-69225928

Company address: Shanghai qingpu industrial park, the qing river road  E-mail: [email protected]


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